Valentines 04


Set List for Mix CD all the right girls got:
My Baby Just Cares For me - Nona Simone
Won't U Please B Nice  - Nellie Mckay
I Belive In A Thing Called Love - Edson
Simply Irresistable - rilo kiley
It's a Man's World - James Brown
Never Tear Us Apart - Tom Jones + Natalie I.
Teenage Love Song - rilo kiley
I throw my toys around -  No Doubt + Elvis Costello
Let's Play Life - Wally Pleasant 
Maps - yeah yeah yeahs
Love is everywhere I go - Sam Phillips
Touch Me With your love - Beth Orton
Beautiful - Rosey
Endlessly - Muse
So Alive - Ryan Adams
Lost At Sea - Eisley
Sea of Love - Cat Power
Nothing Compares To U - S. O'Connor
I touch myself - The Bens
Pour Some Sugar On Me - Emm Grynner
Here's to Love - Ewan McG.+ Rene Z.


From: "jill" Date: January 26, 2004 4:51:44 PM CST Subject: love life

love my job
walk into work
10:35am this morning
only 2 of 9 people are here before me
and the White Stripes Elephant is blasting upstairs
i stomp up the steps in rhythm to Seven Nation Army
and my day begins as it should...and when it should...

Happy Monday
love you all!

A great email from Jill. More people should write about their good days instead of whining about their crummy days.

First Weekend

An exeptional weekend concluded with me in bed suffering a bad cold. Regardless, it all started Friday with dinner at P.F. Chang's with Sara May. It's our favorite place. Well worth the hour and half wait. Thankfully the wait was aided by a well made Mai Tai. At this point I'm sort of doing a tour of all P.F. Chang's in Texas. Only four more to go. Saturday was Rachel's birthday party. Among the things I got her was an Alias magazine that made her go bonkers. All my friend's are Alias geeks...finally. Also at this swell party I got to hang with Abby who I had missed seeing the last few times I went home. Our geeky synchronicity moment was discoverring we both had the same PowerBook.

All is quiet on New Year's Day

What do I remember about 1994? Tori's "Under the Pink". Hearing "Famous Blue Raincoat" for the first time and get into L. Cohen. The death of Kurt Cobain and the rise of Hole. It was also the year I got online. The year the world noticed The Internet ( a.k.a The Information Superhighway, thanks to all those damn commercials with Anna Paquin one of which can be seen here) oh, and I graduated High School as well.

New Year 2004 Celebration at Times Square QTVR

Year End List Per Request

Per Tim's Request I've filled this out.

· Best Book that you have read this year

It's a tie and they're graphic novels: Animal Farm and Endless Nights

· Album of the year

Muse: Absolution.

· Concert of the year

Deathcab For Cutie

· Video game of the year

SSX3 (PS2) & Halo (PC)

· Most influential/inspirational pop phenomenon


· Movie of the year

Have you been reading this here typepad? It's "Lost In Translation" of course.

· Most memorable moment of 2003

Too many moments with Colleen to list.

Pages and Memory

Monday's are a terrible exercise in depression. I don't know why. To cheer up I go get magazines because they are an addiction. Tonight I picked up the 5th anniversarry issue of BlackBook. It took me back. I remember the first issue I ever got while waiting for a showing of Henry Fool to start in Dallas.

A trilogy of 3's a co.

So I realized that for three nights in a row I had dinner with three different couples. I wonder if the couple-friends from back home can't wait to once again make plans for four instead of juan solo. Something has to change. I don't know what. I will have to confer with Brooke who is a good cheerleader for me in these manners. For some reason I thought of the names of the first three girls I ever liked and they are all weird: Nilka, Zuleika and Sonia. My mum put in my jackass dvd copy thinking it was kangoroo jack. I wasn't around to see her reaction.

(3) Ft. Worth Pics

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, praise the dawning
It's just a restless feeling by my side...
Sunday morning and I'm falling
I've got a feeling I don't want to know

Too often, Sunday spells silence around here. I perform a one man play called "How can I make this Sunday be lazier than the one before?" I sat around, picked some songs for the October Mix, and kept fine tuning The Current Crush mix. I decided I want to serenade someone with The Beatle's "This Boy". If only I could play guitar. If I only I knew who to sing to. The other night I sang some Rufus for the pirate while driving. Sunday is over. For some reason it is hard for me to fall asleep Sunday nights. What I want is to go run around. A little strawberry wine with some Tom Waits and "Motion Picture Soundtrack". I'll even sing "If you wear that velvet dress" if I get really drunk.

Anyways, write me. you. now. don't wait. say hello.


well, Kim likes lists so here's one. All the stuff I got yesterday:

+ Rented: The Osbournes Season 2 and Scarface Annivesarry Edition
+ Downloaded: Hulk and LXG DVD's
+ Bought: Age of Mythology: The Titans and Halo for the PC.
+ Bought: Supreme Power and Y: The Last Man comics.

When I got home I didn't know where to begin.

Decade in an instant

I opened my mailbox and there it was: Esquire's 70th anniversarry issue. Ten years flashed before my eyes. I remember getting the 60th anniversarry issue at a hospital, and I still have it. I know it had some nifty articles but I can't remember any of them now.

Anyways, my current state of being:
I love the fall.
I had a glorious weekend.
I am well rested.
I have a lot of plans.
I am happy this moment.
I have a lot of work to do this week but I'm not bothered.



Saw American Splendor at the Angelika in Dallas, it was everything the hype implied and more. I was struck by how many things Harvey had in common with the Steve Buscemi character in Ghost World.

Quote of the weekend:
Rachel "I was going to get you a birthday card but I haven't been to the grocery store"
Me: " So what you are saying is ' I would of gotten you a card but I didn't need any milk this week' "

Lost In Translation opens September 19th, same weekend I'll be at ACL Fest. blimey. I hope we get it here in Austin because I'll find the time to go. I picked up BlackBook without even realizing that Scarlett was in it. Also, Sofia Coppola directed the new White Stripes video.


Happy Birthday To me. I was born in Santurce which is right next to Old San Juan, Benicio Del Toro was also born there.

I sleep two hours | Insomnia | 6am, my parents call and sing over the phone | rush to work, the earlier I get there the earlier I can get out so I can come home and try to sleep | Immense stress and frustration at work | sigh | finally escaping work and napping at home | snuck in some Soul Calibur 2 while waiting to get picked up for dinner | Chad & Jen finally meet Colleen and make jokes about how they thought she was my imaginary friend | first thing I got at the restaurant was a pina colada, I’d been waiting for it all day | Coconut shrimp + mango frozen margarita = yum | Chad pokes fun " Let's see, you are his friend so you must be seventeen?" | later on Colleen has a delayed reaction to his comment and I crack up laughing, she goes "How many me’s are there?" | I make them drive me to Book People so I can get some magazines | home, sleepy, tired, zzzzzz | Also, 10 years ago U2 performed one hell of a show that was broadcast on the radio, I love that show.


Once at Sara's graduation I realized I had been at her High School one as well so this was the full cricle. A wedding shall be next I imagine. I busted open my X-men UNO cards this weekend. It comes with a Mutate card that you can use to get rid of your current cards for new ones, or make someone else do it. On top of that, because Sara May's boyfriend can do an excellent Christopher Walken, whoever used the mutate card got to also decide what accent or voice impersonation every player would speak in. We did Walken, Snoop Dog, Scottish, Korean, Katherine Hepburn, and at one point I busted out with my Gollum and freaked everyone out.

Blimey + Connections

Kim had Neko Case on her TypeList and I downloaded a few tracks and loved what I heard. So then I come to find out Neko will be in Austin this weekend. Carolyn mentioned Rilo Kiley in an email, I downloaded some, liked it, then Dani sent me her mix cd and sure enough even more Rilo that I liked. They're in Austin tonight as well, I just read. There hasn't been a show that has made me go dowtown in AGES, for weeks I haven't had the pleasure of going out and about, and here they are and I will miss them because I have to go out of town for a graduation, an important one so i'm not all mad about going, just mad about the timming. Hell, before I found out about the graduation I was supposed to show some old high school friends around town, guess where I would of dragged them too? These damn shows of course! Damn it.
:: Cursing Begins::

Strawberry Fields Forever

I live in these apartments called Abbey Road. The street I live on is called Penny Lane. The administration decided to put this up:
I hadn't even noticed. Last week when Lela and Kathleen came over to watch Sex and The City, they pointed it out. It was the first time I saw the show with someone yelling out "show some dick!"


Randomly, from clicking on a link from 10000K, I ended up on the homepage of a photographer who took a Cat Power picture I used in one of my collages. Neverwhere is coming out on DVD, I barely remember watching an episode or two. DVD aquisition: Bjork: Royal Opera House. It is filmed really well and it has its highlights but there's too much Verperstine songs for my taste. That's my Wolverine Pez. I think I got it from Lela along with X-Men chocolate.


To end my very stressfull work week, I'm accenting my cube. It wasn't until now that I noticed that this week's themes made it to my wall.


Neil's creation Tim Hunter + Andy and Alfred postcard I got from Carolyn.


Japan + Andy's Superman postcard I got from Brooke.

And a new collage, of course.

Swimming to Japan

I need to get Neil's new cd, which reminds me; I guess it's been like 10 years since " Angels and Visitations" came out. I love that book. The size of it, the art. He needs to do another one like that.

I guess I have a very loose interpretation of work, because I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don't always want to do. -Andy Warhol

While looking for magazine pictures to scan I kept running into Andy Warhol curiousities so I created a gallery to hold it all together.

I really want to go to Japan.

Eisely had an article in the Chronicle. I hope they come to Austin soon, or I may just see them in Dallas if I end up going up there to go see "Swimming Pool"