/a monday miscellany/


Dear Battlestar Galactica Season 4. Get here already!
/ A complete 'Battlestar' refresher


/ This song reminds me of Kate Austen: Kathleen Edwards - "In State"

/ The man above? Michael Emerson: The best actor working in American television today, that's who.

/ Additions to my Burnout soundtrack: Gnarls Barkley's "Run" & "Paper Planes" via this trailer's use of it.

/ Justice League: The New Frontier comes out tomorrow. Here's a review and here's another.

/ The art of Chip Kidd’s new book.

/ Inchworm: Bob Sabiston, creator of the rotoscoping software behind A Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly wanted to draw and animate on his DS...

/ The Dishwasher: I played it over the weekend and became a believer in XNA if games like this are going to  come out of it.

/ If it wasn't for afrojacks, I wouldn't know there's a badass "new" of live VU song out there.

/ Musica! HEAD OF FEMUR: Isn't It A Shame, Delorentos: basis of everything, Great Northern: Telling LiesOren Lavie: Her Morning Elegance.  

/ SXSW is fast approaching, a trip down memory lane: Amy Winehouse live during one of the SXSW daytime parties.