jena vs miranda

J. Malone, Lake Tahoe // M. July, Paris

In the current issue of Blackbook Magazine1 Jena Malone2 and Miranda July correspond with each other. At one point Jena3 sends Miranda the photo on the left and asks her to send a picture of what comes next - thus the picture on the right.

1 it is not worth linking to their webpage since it hasn't been updated to reflect what's on the stands - isn't it sad?

2 the most commented upon entry on this here blog.

3 who comes across as one interesting bird. very into name anagrams.

Dear Parker Posey


"Why do we love Parker Posey?  That's easy: She's a fascinating actress. A natural beauty, and an iron willed woman who refuses to play by Hollywood rules. Plus she has one pisser of a wait."
Out Magazine, February 1999

Of course that quote was right before she did Scream 3. I ignored the first time she went Hollywood in a Tom Hanks movie but I didn't mind Scream 3 much. Damn it, she was terrible in Blade Trinity. Has it really been been ten years since Party Girl? Can't someone do an adaptation of "Brightness Falls" and put her in it? She'd make a great recovering yuppie.

+ Some nice Parker pics in Giant Magazine (under Women of Giant) and a Q&A with the New Yoker [ via goldenfiddle ]

Ray Gun ( August 1997 )


Reasons I like this magazine: This is the magazine where I first heard of Beth Orton. It reminds me of having lunch with a dear friend.  It's where I found this picture ( I added the text)  which inspired an unfinished project. I wonder if some people from Raygun went to work for Blackbook.
Bono with Winona Ryder
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Is that the girl from Trainspotting next to Toni Colette? dunno.
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+ Ray Gun Magazine, Premiere Issue, 1992
+ Ray Gun, April 1999: Rock is War! Shirley Manson is winning
+ David Carson & RayGun

Esquire ( June 1997 )


Not taking into account magazine covers like this one, this is one hell of a magazine cover. It can easily be outdone if Esquire can get Thomas Pynchon and J.D. Salinger to pose together.

"The silence of a writer is not quite the same as the silence of God, but there's something analoguous: an awe-inspiring creator, someone who we belive has some answersof somekind, refusing to respond to us, hidding his face, withholding his creation" Ron Rosenbaum, "The Man In The Glass House", Esquire - June `97.