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On listening to "Currents" As a long time fan and connoisseur of this band I knew this day would one day come: Stacy's song writing has grown in such leaps and bounds (see Sucre) that it makes the Sherri songs stick out like a sore thumb. The first two Sherri are nonsense. The sequencing doesn't do it any favors by putting these bad songs between Album highlight by Stacy and even one by Chauntelle! Thankfully the bad streak ends on the Strings heavy second half of the album which is were the above song comes from. Usually with Eisley I like absorbing the music as an album and try to trust their song sequencing but this was not ideal. The aforementioned Strings Heavy songs are sandwiched by "classic/old" sounding songs that are just a tad jarring b/c it moves them backwards instead of forwards. Verdict: COMBINATIONS is still their best album. That's how I judge their albums, "Is it better than Combinations?"

+ Media: Eisley stream ‘Currents,’ issue statement on not meeting Kickstarter goal


sometimes a girl can be an amazing stimulant


For a certain Aussie Lolita....

Uh Huh Her: Say So ]

You say that you're broken
I just want to fix you
Tell me what to do, baby I will listen


looking like she wants to wants to please
Do you think she likes it

Muse: Undisclosed Desires.live ]

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart

[ U2: Babyface ]

Slow down child, let me untie your lace.

[ ANI DIFRANCO: Untouchable.live ]

So fuck you
And your untouchable face
Tell you the truth I prefer the worst of you 

[ GARBAGE: Can't Cry These Tears ]

I just don't care anymore
Won't cry these tears anymore

 Photo Baby Girl Heart