don't just talk about politicians, make a movie about it!

+ David Lynch’s Duran Duran Movie Screening At Cannes – But You Can Watch Most Of It Now

+ haunting melissa: From the Producer of THE RING and MULHOLLAND DRIVE comes a terrifying and mysterious ghost story that reinvents how movies are consumed and stories told.

Fuck the silent filibuster

Were Mason Verger from the film "Hannibal" and Mitch McConnell separated at birth?

MasonMitchHarry Reid, Mitch McConnell Reach Filibuster Reform Deal"leaves a fundamental feature, the silent filibuster, in place"

What in the actual fuck. I'm livid. Fuck the silent filibuster, fuck you Senate, you bunch of sissies. Can we please elect some younger people? pretty please? I'm so sick of these old fucking geezers. Harry Reed is 73! Mitch McConnell is 70. Fuck those losers.

"Day of Ceasefire For Online Shooters" is a waste of time

"The Ceasefire For Online Shooters—a demonstration in memory of Sandy Hook—starts tonight. "


+ Bill O’Reilly Talks About Video Games and Violence and Ends Up Being Somewhat Reasonable About It All

Sorry but I don't buy into "Violent" Video games being a problem. The sentiment behind this is fine but tying it to video games, nah.

Video Games And The Sandy Hook Shooting: Two Very Different Reactions 

+ Do Violent Video Games Lead To Violent Behavior?

melt his heart with a new flamethrower

GameStop's Holiday Game Picks

+ Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: I Love Videogames
+ 28 things that will happen on Black Friday 2008 at Fry's Electronics:

27) People will get hurt. 
28) People will get arrested.

+ Black Friday Videogame Deals Cheat Sheet
+ ‘Left 4 Dead’ Movie Posters. I hope you know just how fun this game is.
+ Apparently, Game bloggers/"journalists" are blind and the fact that the Nintendo Logo is NOT red is a *story*(exhibit a and b). Look at the fucking Wii box, it's been gray RIGHT THERE since 2006. Who fucking cares. Now if Mario's hat changes colors, that's a story.
+ The Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix finally came out, Tim, time for a re-match!
+ December's game of the month: "Prince of Persia" Launch Trailer HD
+ Mortal Kombat announcer: "Obama Wins, Flawless Victory"
+ Yes, there is a game called Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ and another called Bikini Zombie Slayers
+ Aurora Feint II: The Arena Arrives in the App Store


That's Spider-Man's Aunt May @#@%ing cursing and being all Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino comes to mind) on Eddie Brock (Venom) - Ultimate Spider-Man #128

+ Is Batman Destined for Death? ( it's a damn comic book, NO ONE EVER STAYS DEAD!)
+ A Dozen Dark Knight Deaths
+ Veronica Mars as Leia
+ U2 Scrap Rick Rubin Songs  | Edge confident as deadline looms | I think the last album U2 released during Spring was "POP" and you know how some people feel about That One. I like Fall released albums thank you very much.
+ The Fader 58: Kanye talked about the new album.
+ A Jurassic Park 4 poster?
+ Techno-lust: New Apple 24-inch LED screen
+ Top 7 Things to do at work instead of working
+ How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Quotes of the week:

"she's a bamf!" - Liz

"You probably get all the girls with your accent, huh?" - Liz

"When I unsubscribe to your newsletter (that I didn't subscribe to in the first place) do not send me another email to verify" - Veronica

things i am thankful for: -never having done cocaine. i would surely be addicted by now - Leo

[ Great Moments in President Bush's speeches ]

Who gives a F---

+ Supreme Court debates 'F-word' without using it

The policy change in question arose following a live 2003 broadcast of the "Golden Globe Awards," when the lead singer Bono from the Irish rock ban U-2 declared his award was "really, really, (blank)ing brilliant." During the 2003 Billboard Music Award, quasi-celebrity Nicole Richie declared "it's not so (blank)ing simple" to remove "cow (blank) out of a Prada purse."

+ Bono: 'Fucking Brilliant'
+ Obama: "We Can't Solve Global Warming Because I Fucking Changed Light Bulbs In My House"

historical amnesia

I posted this a few months back and it hit me the other day how relevant it has become.


"The economy, stupid,"

+ CNN | Thu November 8, 2007: Analysis: Could it be 'the economy, stupid' again?

"It's the economy, stupid" -- a phrase Clinton advisor James Carville made famous during President Clinton's successful 1992 presidential race. It's possible that the top issue in next year's election will not be Iraq or terrorism.

+ Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything
+ GOOD Sheet: It’s the Economy, Stupid!
+ The Biggest Bestest OMG'est Election Blog Post of All Time

What the Fuck Bono? Bono + Pailin

Other things to watch out for this week: Wearing my ONE campaign hat, I should be meeting up with Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin; hoping to see Senator Obama and Senator Joe Biden in the next few weeks.
+ U2's Bono Blogs For New York Summit

Making a bid to bolster her foreign-policy cred with a series of meetings at the U.N. building in Manhattan is none other than VP candidate, Sarah Palin. Not only will she be at a sit-down with the Iraqi president, chatting with the Georgian and Ukraine presidents, having talks with both Pakistani and Indian presidents, but also hanging out with Bono! These two will meet up as Bono promotes his non-profit to her: His ONE campaign that is "focused on fighting extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world!”

+ Bono And McCain To Meet

UPDATE: NEW YORK (CNN) – John McCain and Sarah Palin’s meeting with Bono was canceled Wednesday due to scheduling reasons, according to the campaign.

piracy is terrorism?

John Ashcroft is gearing up for what he calls the "strongest, most aggressive legal assault against intellectual property crime in our nation's history". In a report issued in October, defense department officials labeled peer to peer networks a serious threat, which will require serious funding and FBI staff increases. Ashcroft has helped gain support for his initiative by tying piracy to terrorism. [ source ]

+ CNET Justice Dept. wants new anti piracy powers

My interest for some of the things the justice dept. wants to do is somewhere on the corner of  Fuck you and Go to Hell.

[ Automatic Baby - One ]

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum: Remarks to the Community in Bowling Green, Ohio,September 26, 1992

So Governor Clinton doesn't think foreign policy is important. But anyway, he's trying to catch up. You may have seen this in the news. He was in Hollywood, seeking foreign policy advice from the rock group U2. Now, understand, I have nothing against U2. You may not know this, but they tried to call me at the White House every night during their concert. But the next time we face a foreign policy crisis, I will work with John Major and Boris Yeltsin. And Bill Clinton can consult Boy George. I'll stay with the experts.


January 20, 1993: Automatic Baby's one-night stand

Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton join forces with R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and Mike Mills to perform "One" at the MTV 1993 Rock N Roll Inaugural Ball for newly-elected U.S. President Bill Clinton. The musicians name themselves "Automatic Baby" for the night, using their own band's recent releases as inspiration (Automatic for the People and Achtung Baby).

[ Automatic Baby - One ]

Today's WTF Moment: The Parents' Empowerment Act

{ London News Review: "The Parents' Empowerment Act: finding the porn in Harry Potter" }

"a Republican Congressman called Duncan Hunter is pushing for new legislation to discourage anyone from saying anything that might upset a child. How can this be done without censorship? By suing everyone, of course!"

{ The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund warns of a sweeping censorship bill }