And your favorite Leonard Cohen songs


I am just floating
Infinitely placid
Infinitely calm 
And infinitely spacious with you
I love you in the movies 
With sunglasses 
And your favorite Leonard Cohen songs
When we fall into your kitchen drawers 
And play spooning
I’ll be here in the morning
Singing into your fingertips
Candy covered lips
I could have chosen not to be hurt 
But there is no life in that
I wouldn’t change this for eternity
This is lovely

Michael Baumgart

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Lost my voice in New York City


Lost my voice in New York City

never heard it again after sixty-seven

Now I talk like you

Now I sing like you

Cigarette and coffee to make me sick

Couple of families to make me think

Going to see my lawyer

Going to read my mail

Lost my voice in New York City

Guess you always knew

The Pro (1973) from Death of a Lady's Man

Leonard Cohen: Beacon Theatre, New York, February 19, 2009

Leonard Cohen Memorial


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"You're married to a mystery"

I think it's funny how LC's album covers look like they were done using MS Paint in 1995.

First Listen: Leonard Cohen, 'Popular Problems'

"Being a songwriter is like being a nun: You're married to a mystery. It's not a particularly generous mystery, but other people have that experience with matrimony anyway."
Leonard Cohen Offers Rare Peek Into His Process at 'Popular Problems' Preview
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the data and the quiet organization


The poem is nothing but information. It is the Constitution of the inner country. If you declaim it and blow it up with noble intentions then you are no better than the politicians whom you despise. You are just someone waving a flag and making the cheapest kind of appeal to a kind of emotional patriotism. Think of the words as science, not as art. They are a report. You are speaking before a meeting of the Explorers' Club of the National Geographic Society. These people know all the risks of mountain climbing. They honour you by taking this for granted. If you rub their faces in it that is an insult to their hospitality. Tell them about the height of the mountain, the equipment you used, be specific about the surfaces and the time it took to scale it. Do not work the audience for gasps and sighs. If you are worthy of gasps and sighs it will not be from your appreciation of the event but from theirs. It will be in the statistics and not the trembling of the voice or the cutting of the air with your hands. It will be in the data and the quiet organization of your presence.

Leonard Cohen, "How to Speak Poetry"

Do not become emotional about the lace blouse

Do not become emotional about the lace blouse

Speak the words with the exact precision with which you would check out a laundry list. Do not become emotional about the lace blouse. Do not get a hard-on when you say panties. Do not get all shivery just because of the towel. The sheets should not provoke a dreamy expression about the eyes. There is no need to weep into the handkerchief. The socks are not there to remind you of strange and distant voyages. It is just your laundry. It is just your clothes. Don't peep through them. Just wear them.
Leonard Cohen, "How to Speak Poetry"