the end of SKINS


In an interesting turn of events, the last season of SKINS is going to feature characters from the first two generations. Both of my faves are coming back: Effy and Cassie. Although this wiki entry on Cassie's storyline pisses me off. I prefered they had left her story open ended instead of this:

Hannah Murray returns as Cassie Ainsworth, and in the years since her last appearance, she has moved back from New York to London, and seemingly never realized Sid had went to New York looking for her

I never wanna see you a sad girl


+ The "Skins" cast: "Wild World"

Keep On Going
Karl Krolow

I go around some street corners
and have an idea in my head clear as a picture
of time between March and October.
I like the cut-out
I'm moving around in,
slowly, toward change,
dying of something, while I
just keep on going, at least for the moment -
how do you write about
still being alive
among objects that are all used up
and possessions that shine,
lists without specifics, so to speak?
Some things just wait for me
to stop defending myself.
In the air
shining insects.

+ Manic Street Preachers, “So Why So Sad (Avalanches Remix)”
why so sad You live and you love
SKINS, series 1 trailer