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The progressive intensity of my social anxiety and the fact that I don't give a fuck about new music means I don't care about South By Southwest but alas, it is UNAVOIDABLE on Twitter. Thus I ran into this:

+ "Usher joined The Afghan Whigs onstage at the Fader Fort last night atSXSW two minutes into a cover of “Climax”

I have a strong belief that Rock music would benefit from cool colaborations as this. Also, I dream of a Tori Amos duet album and of a Michael Stipe duet with U2 as a band in one of their albums. To combine those two sort of, I also dream of one day fucking hearing the Tori/Stipe duet. I'm going to harras them on twitter until I get an answer.

+ Neil was at SXSW [1] [2]  
+ The new adaptation of "NEVERWHERE" has started 
+ Neil reading from his new book

You will never get away from the sound of the woman who loves you



+ Eisley - Trolleywood: SXSW - The purpose of SXSW is to let the industry know what we're doing, stir the pot, showcase live music, let key people hear tracks, see what the interest level is... either find a label we really believe in or release this ourselves. It's really that simple. I could have written a book. Be glad I didn't. Please come if you can. You can get in line, pay - without a badge. We're stoked over this line-up. Kashmir is one of our favorite bands. Our SXSW contact set this up because she knew this. Also, the Rocketboys are good friends. They're great. I've heard great things about Barcelona.

+ Silver Spring Video


I'm reclusive but during SXSW I'm out and about. If enough people coming down to Austin for SXSW let me know, maybe we can have a meet up?

P.S. I'm sure I loose a lot of readers b/c they think I'm an asshole for not responding to their music submissions.promotion emails.etc. I get over 100 emails of this sort a month and I can't read/respond to them all. Sorry. Once in a while I can but not always.

SXSW 2009: Notes from the field by Doc Brown


/// RA RA Riot @ Rachel Ray Party

  Photos taken by Doc Brown and I [ part 1 ]

From the first show of Laura Marling to Kanye’s "Love Lockdown" finale at the Fader Fort, my three days in Austin were packed with good music, food, dancing, weather, and people.  I was quite fortunate to have Juan as my personal “Lonely Planet.”  For those of you planning a trip to SXSW 2010, let Achtung Baby be your guide. Mr. Luna has lived in Austin for 10 years, SXSW veteran and blogger artist; he knows how to navigate the ever increasingly growing list of day parties, showcases, and after parties.  Thank you, Juan.

I was impressed with SXSW’s ability to attract such a diverse audience.  I met people from all ages, ethnicities, nationalities, and the number of free events certainly makes it possible to do SXSW on a budget.  Also, perhaps due in part to my jaded East Village expectations, I was surprised by how friendly everyone was (staff, musicians, and attendees).  Time between acts were ideal for finding for sharing information.  Rather than speaking to those around me in the audience, however, I twitted them my thoughts on SXSW. Talking is so SXSW 2007. Needless to say, a lot of people were talking about the semi-secret rumor that Kanye was going to play Fader Fort on Saturday night.  

“I’m too fat to be a hipster, skinny jeans don’t come in my size.” Someone said this to me while waiting on line at Fader Fort.  I was surprised by how many overweight people there were at SXSW.  In particular, the late 20’s to 40’s male contingent seem to be getting rounder in the mid section.  I know that this scene is characterized in part by its slacker style, and eating and drinking behavior at SXSW is hopefully not representative of peoples’ habits for the rest of the year, but this socially-conscious group might want to consider becoming more nutritionally conscious , as well.  SXSW help. The free food and drinks consisted mainly of BBQ, beer and hard alcohol.  Fine with me for spring break, but perhaps we could accompany the brisket with a few vegetables, or add some organic smoothies alongside those free mojito’s. From what I hear, Austin City Limits brings in a lot of local food vendors for their festival. It would be great if SXSW could do the same.  I am thinking of starting a healthyhipster website or organize morning wii fit class to help hipsters keep their blood pressure in check. 

Iron Chef Special: Brooklyn Vegan vs. Rachel Ray Showdown 2010? Rachel Ray clearly knew what she was doing at her party. She was able to organize an excellent group of bands and her jalapeno burgers and macaroni and cheese were a plenty.  Perhaps the veganless menu was not an accident.  I think Rachel Ray threw down the gauntlet for next year. BV, we’re waiting for your vegan BBQ next year. Besides, if Rachel Ray can sponsor a showcase, you can certainly organize a menu.  Personally, I’m hoping for a live competition with guest judges to see “whose cuisine reigns supreme.”

Some of the highlights:


Parenthetical Girls put on an impressive show in the back of the Beauty Bar.  I had liked some of their recorded stuff, but I was far more impressed after seeing them live.  It was obvious that they were having fun, feeding off each other, and the crowd responded in kind.


Started the morning out at Filter Magazine BBQ. Very impressed with Zee Avi.  Originally from Kuala Lumpur, she was discovered on youtube under the name KokoKaina.  Her acoustic cover of Interpol’s Slow Hands was incredible. 

Later that afternoon, I had the chance to see Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, a band’s whose name was curious enough for me to check out their myspace page before I even got to SXSW. Great high energy rhythm driven dance set.  Noticed lots of people dancing, despite the fact that it was a hot and sunny afternoon.  I know they played several other sets, including the much discussed Perez Hilton party. Wonder if they were able to create some buzz this week?

Speaking of Perez Hilton, he introduced Tori Amos at La Zona Rosa that night for the Columbia Music showcase.  Although my knowledge of her music before the show was somewhat limited, her performance was well crafted and mature.  She has an unbelievable ability to command the attention of her audience.  Between notes you could hear a pin drop.  While SXSW is somewhat dedicated to promoting new artists, I felt bad for the opening acts.  Juxtaposed next to Tori, they were totally eclipsed.  


Filter’s blogger brunch offered generous food and drinks, and had the chance to hear Anya Maria. Was a little disappointed that Bats for Lashes was only a listening party. Would have been great to hear their new stuff live.

From there we hunkered down at the Flamingo Cantina for the Under the Radar showcase:  Lonely Dears, Chairlift, Jason Lyttle, and Camera Obscura.  I recently saw Chairlift open for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, but was able to enjoy their music much more in this small space. I would say that this true for all of SXSW.

The highlight of the evening was Peter, Bjorn, and John at Fader Fort. We had been hearing mixed reviews on twitter about their performances earlier in the week. Maybe they needed to get warmed up, because their performance was really dynamic and they sounded cohesive.

[ Ed. Note: We were supposed to catch Iglu And Hartly but something had happened the night before ]


A day of surprises. Surprised by how good the line-up was at Rachel Ray’s. Enjoyed watching the Semiprecious Weapons from NYC. Was starting to feel a bit fatigued that morning, but their mix of loud glam and punk rock did the trick. I am still reeling from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic  Zeroes.  Perhaps the most difficult (and fun) band to describe.  Someone in the audience said they reminded her of a mix between Arcade Fire and Polyphonic Spree (I agree).  I was surprised to hear that they were from LA, as they look like more like a band of nomads roaming through the desert.  They seem interested in cultivating this semi-spiritual image, as the photo of their tour bus has the name of their band in Hebrew-style font. Ironic? Hard to say.  What I can say is that whatever energy there are channeling makes for an incredible live show. All twelve members of the band were banging out songs, dancing in the audience with drums, and the male and female vocalists had such great interactions.  Check out the videos.  

Ra Ra Riot was next, and was also extremely impressed by the young band from Syracuse, NY. There is a  lot of buzz about them, and I concur.  Juan took some great videos. [ Ed. note: I love you Ra Ra Riot Cello chick! ]

We then walked over to the Filter party for some DJ sets. We were hoping to see Flostradamous and N.A.S.A.  The line-up was running late so we only had time to see Flostradamous. I said to Juan earlier in the week that I thought that DJ’s were going to be the highlight of SXSW this year—and they proved me right.  From Chicago, home of House Music, this DJ duo seamlessly mixed beats with crowd favorites (P.Y.T.) and new stuff, including their first single that’s about to be released.  Their set exploded when they invited the crowd onstage to dance under the hot Texas sun.  

Choose your own adventure. Stay for N.A.S.A. or head over to see Diplo at Fader? We decided on the latter for two reasons. 1) Saw Diplo two years ago at the Hiro Ballroom for the New Yorker Festival, and he was amazing 2) The local Austin paper confirmed Kanye at Fader , so we were expecting big lines. Next year I plan to clone myself, because I would have loved to see N.A.S.A and the crowd was severely lacking at Diplo. His set was largely Dancehall, and I don’t think the crowd got it.  Hope to see N.A.S.A. in NYC.

Regarding Kanye, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves. He exceeded my expectations, and it was great to see Badu and Common together on stage.  Highlights of the show for me were Common reassuring the press that things are cool between him and Badu, the Common, Badu, Kanye freestyle, and Kanye’s old stuff.  I give him credit for trying to promote his new artists, but was not impressed.  Aside from the spoken word artist who signed Love Lockdown, the other artists ranged from unoriginal, silly (see Mr. Hudson), to misogynistic.  I hypothesized that Kanye either consciously or unconsciously chooses artists who will never be as good as him.  He can feel good about promoting other artists with little risk of his artists becoming larger than him.  But to end on a positive note, Kanye’s showcase was labeled G.O.O.D. Music but, but as the closer to SXSW 2009, good seems way understated. 

south by southwest [day 2] sxsw + TORI AMOS

Videos are converting at Vimeo. Of course the one song I decided not to record ended up being the must fun/funny new one, "Mary Jane". in the meantime:

[mp3] Tori Amos @ SXSW 2009 - Intro by Perez Hilton, First Song and half of second song, both new.

+ Tori Amos South by Southwest 2009 "Crucify"

+ "Take to the Sky"

Tori Amos South By Southwest 2009 Austin Texas from Mr. Luna on Vimeo.

More coming soon.............

+" Even More New Muzik From Tori!!!!"

hmmm....long day....I went to the Pop Candy Meet Up and was briefly interviewed by Whitney b/c I was there really early and it was being streamed online.

+ Amanda Palmer - Covering Radiohead's Creep on Ukelele - SXSW 09

+ Exclusive First Listen: Leonard Cohen

In other news: Resident Evil 5 is bigger than U2 - but why?


south by southwest [day 1] Love and Lost


[ Loved ] Seeing Amanda Palmer do "Creep" live. Her whole set was stellar. The Violin player chick for Parenthetical Girl. Hearing some tracks from the new Leonard Cohen Live album at Waterloo during their a bunch of artist cover Cohen songs thing ( which will be on NPR eventually ). Fader Fort + Booze + Hipsters Chicks. Tacos at the Hype Machine party. Getting my picture taken at the convention center b/c the photographer assumed I was a muscian. 

[ Lost ] My shoulder bag with my Digital Camera, PSP, medicine, all my sxsw schedules and print outs of rsvps and such ( Which I had carefully arranged in folders - I'm organized). A laptop. A 3G Internt card. Quite Upsetting, since it had emails printed out inside of it, It sure would be nice to get a ransom email being that I would like all that stuff back - you fucking Thief.

+ "Sometimes, I think silence is going to be the new punk," she said. "We're all going to throw our BlackBerries off bridges and start talking to each other again."

+ SXSW 2009: Contxts lets you share contact details via SMS

And if, at some time, on steps of a palace,
in the green grass of a ditch,
in the bleak solitude of your room,
you are waking and the drunkenness has already abated,
ask the wind, the wave, the stars, the clock,
all that which flees,
all that which groans,
all that which rolls,
all that which sings,
all that which speaks,
ask them, what time it is;
and the wind, the wave, the stars, the birds, and the clock,
they will all reply:

"It is time to get drunk!

- Charles Baudelaire

[sxsw] day0

Good morning Austin! It is a gorgeous day out there. It is the start of my Spring Break, and SXSW is in motion. Must make hate and be out and about.  
// Twitter
// Sched

+ howtohavefunwhenallyourfriendsareatsxsw
+ Iglu & Hartly
+ David Garza
+ Paper Route
+ TweetDeck beats Twhirl to the punch, adds Facebook support
+ Voxtrot
+ PJ Harvey Lends Her Musical Talents to the Broadway Stage
+ Rumor: Transformers Tune Coming to Guitar Hero

the preemptive [SXSW] post


First and foremost, some shout outs to people I'll see, seen in the past, will miss, will meet at South by Southwest this year: Dr. Gonzo is to Hunter S. Thompson, as Dr. Brown will be to my John Moon. He will be my conspirator in sxsw adventures. Penny I'll miss seeing you. I'll Probably run into Frank, Hi Jesse! et al.

Other than Tony and Jill, who else reading this is coming to Austin for SXSW? Dr. Brown wants to have a house party at my fortress of solitude ( a.k.a My Apartment). Me thinks a meet up downtown somewhere sometime would be best.

Places of interest
[ ] achtungbabyblog the Twitter /when out and about and bored in lines to get into venues I'll update.
[ ] My work in progress Sched

[ ] Who knows anything about getting invited to that god dammed Red Bull party?
[ ] Who's excited to hear some new Tori Amos live! ! ! between her, Amanda Palmer and Nellie McKay, I'm having a Piano Chicks trifecta over here. I would love to talk to Nellie again.
[ ]

MSTRKRFT: "Click Click" feat E-40
+ MSTRKRFT - Bounce feat. N.O.R.E & Isis
+ Hot Freaks
+ South by Girls
+ Village Voice
+ KEXP Live in Austin
+ sxswvideos
+ You Tube SXSW Music Channel
+ SXSW Band Aid
+ Austin Chronicle Coverage

The ever expanding Bands of Interest..................

+ Bosque Brown
+ Great Northern's E-Card
+ N.A.S.A.
+ Melissa Auf Der Maur
+ Von Bondies


+ ultra8201
+ Austin is Burning
+ pepsicozeitgeist

sxsw 08 /4

Lykke Li by Nilina Mason-Campbell

+ Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone @sxsw
+ LiveDaily SXSW: March 15, 2008
+ FADER Video: Lou Reed & Friends | Fader Issue 52

Longwave @ SXSW's Filter Magazine Showdown from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.

+ Spin: Minipop SXSW '08 Pick
+ (This one is for my Austin pals) I didn't see this one coming: Live from SXSW the Barton Creek Food Court.
+ Austin Chronicle: Off the Record - "For those of you in town for South by Southwest who didn't get the memo, 2008 is the Year of Austin Music. Seriously"

sxsw 08 /3

Zooey Deschanel is way prettier in person. The number of men and women that were swooning in the 90+ heat was high.

She & Him at SXSW - short clip from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.


Priceless: The faces of the radio personnel when Devonte Hynes said "This song is called Happy Fucking Birthday" at the NPR/World Cafe live broadcast.
+ NPR blog: Lightspeed Champion

+ SXSW Review: Duffy ("Shelby Lynne, your career will be history when Duffy’s “Rockferry” is released in the U.S. in May.")

Duffy - from her first US performance, sxsw from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.

+ R.E.M., SXSW hope big show translates to bright 2008
+ R.E.M. sxsw MP3s
+ South By Southwest Day Two: New Trend Alert!
+ Joseph Arthur Kicks Off SXSW at KUT
+ SXSW Keynote: Lou Reed

sxsw 08 /2

"Here's looking at you, kid."

Lou Reed.

Joseph Arthur - Pale Blue Eyes from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.

+ My Morning Jacket @ SXSW Levi's/Fader Lou Reed Tribute
+ Lou Reed & Moby, Walk on the Wild Side | part 2
+ Over at SXSW, Lou Reed had a Perfect Day moaning about digital music

Joseph Arthur - South by Southwest + Venus in Furs from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.

Tricia Kanne of Minipop

Minipop sxsw 2008 from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.

+ R.E.M. Stubbs, SXSW 2008 | another one
+ Daryl Hall singing Sara Smile
+ The Raveonettes @ the current
+ DeVotchka @ the current
+ Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW Mp3s [via]
+ My Brightest Diamond Covers Roy Orbison

Saul Williams Sunday bloody Sunday 

sxsw 08 /1

the Kills - sxsw 2008 from AchtungBaby on Vimeo.

+ SXSW Videos » U2 Cover Band...
+ The Whip
+ IFC @ sxsw
+ Exclusive Interview: Michael Stipe talks about new album Accelerate
+ Hear the Complete R.E.M. Concert from SXSW
+ Video: R.E.M. Stubbs, SXSW 2008
+ SXSW ‘08 Review: R.E.M. @ Stubb’s
+ MTV @ sxsw

+ The Kills @ BBC 6 Hub Sessions
+ What's been happening at Austin's SXSW Festival which is happening in Austin, Texas?
+ 'Spring Break for the Internet' Returns to Austin
+ How SXSW parties kick it VIP-style
+ At SXSWi, the new Twitter is...Twitter [ might I add, I've never seen so many iphones out and about in my life. I guess I can file that under "obviously expected" ]

Saul Williams' promo post card:


/a tuesday miscellany/

Desmond_2/ J. Wood: The Constant & Non-Local Brain Games (icon via)

/ Are Lost's New Time-Travel Physics Junk Science? Maybe Not..

/ The Constant is now DarkUFO readers` favorite episode..

Lastfmbandaid/ SXSW 2008 filtered by your taste: the SXSW Group page @

/ There's a SXSW Baby iphone version. I'm looking for anything SXSW & iphone related. Share a link, please.

/ Austin Stateman's SXSW 2008 page

/ SXSW Breakout App of 2008: What Will it Be?

/ FABLES: 1,001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL comes out in paperback this week.

/ Members of Arcade Fire performing "A Change Is Gonna Come" at a Barrack Obama Rally in Ohio

/ Going global with Mario Kart Wii

/ Super Smash Bros. Brawl  -  Opening Cinematic

/ Heroes Video Podcast Series

/ Lego Batman Trailer

/ Kirby: King of Comics!

/ JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER SPECIAL comes out tomorrow. JL: New Frontier (Dafna's review), Comics Worth Reading Review ( "There must be crazier things to do than trying to adapt a critically acclaimed — as well as beloved — 400+ page graphic novel into a 75-minute animated film, but I can’t think of any. But that’s exactly what has been done with  Justice League: The New Frontier.." )

/ Unitard Meditations/American Apparel

/ DC Comics is proud to present 30 Essential Graphic Novels

/ Dave McKean Graveyard Book cover sketches in - above, the one liked

/ Roy Orbison - She's a Mystery to Me

/ Elbow - Grounds For Divorce on Jonathan Ross

sxsw 08: a first glance


If you are a regular reader then you can imagine that I am besides myself with the fact that Hawksley Workman and Spottisswoode & His Enemies are coming for SXSW.

Others I'm interested to see: Kate Nash, Joseph Arthur, Sia, The Kills, The Raveonettes & Minipop.

+ 2008 showcasing artist list for SXSW Music
+ Making Friends with Spottiswoode and His Enemies
Hawksley Workman "Don't Be Crushed" / "Anger As Beauty"
+ The Raveonettes: “You Want The Candy”   

+ Capitol Records in association with Dentyne Ice are offering an all access trip to SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas this March to one lucky winner and a guest for playing the Ben's Brother "Stuttering" Music Quiz

sxsw07 miscellany II

random flickery sxsw images / 1/2/3/4/5/6

+ NPR's sxsw
+ Austin 360's sxsw
+ The Chronicles sxsw
+ Exclusive Interview with the Podcast Pickle
+ Cover Girl Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (Video)
+ Okkervil River @ Live KEXP
+ Ghostland Observatory @ Playboy Party
+ Mew at SXSW Zookeeper's Boy
+ Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Blog: hello from sxsw
+ Where’s the Action at SXSW? ( The Umbrella girl from one of the pictures above shows up on this )
+ outwithme - "update coming up"

South By Southwest 2007 Miscellany

+ KEXP live from SXSW
BBC @ SXSW broadcasts
+ Esquire: South by Snapshot
+ The DL: Badges? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!
+ sxsw videos


eisley| There For You on Vimeo

Highlight #1 for me was Eisley at the Virb outdoor stage. I really liked their new song "Body Snatchers"( I believe that was the name). The new album comes out "June-ish" per Sherri's statement during their set and I liked all the new tunes they played.

Highlight # 2 - Amy Winehouse really delivered during her set at the Island Records party. The crowd loved her.  Love is a Losing Game @ Island Records Party

Disappointment of the day: Missing Minipop after being obsessed with one of their songs all week. By the time I learned they were playing I was late to the venue and they had already played.

Celebrity sighting of the day: My friend Lela saw “Ethan” from LOST, I saw Perez Hilton.

Random photos from this day.



I can't complain. I heard the exact songs I wanted to hear from these two.

Aqualung - Pressure Suit live @ party

Sondre Lerche - After All live @ The Current broadcast

+ Lily Allen performing a "Heart of Glass" cover acoustically at Waterloo Records.
+ Lily Allen Disses NME at SXSW

On a whim I went to a Direct TV concert filming for Young Love and saw the kids go crazy for it. 

Sightings of the day: Kele Okereke & Matt Pinfield ( remember MTV's 120 Minutes? Those were the days eh? Staying late on Sunday night to catch the premiere of a PJ Harvey or a Radiohead videos )


Ghostland Observatory live @ KEXP from SXSW.

Ghostland Observatory Sad Sad City on Vimeo


Lily Allen talking about myspace

[day0 sxsw interactive]

+ SXSW Attracts Video Game Enthusiasts

I played against the fragdolls. They are merciless ( I'm looking at you brookelyn and calyber ). I almost won a match against them but I lost by One kill in the last 40 seconds of the match. I also played against a Halo 2 pro player form the very fun PMS clan. In a 30 minute period I saw her die only twice while she managed to get 40 kills.

the kills at waterloo

Killswaterloo5The Kills @ Waterloo Records on Friday. What can I say about this in-store performance. First of all Hotel plays the guitar like a weapon and the  audience is a massacre waiting to happen. VV is possessed. A wild rock n roll beast.  The highlight was the last song  "Love is a deserter", which they perform with sexual tension and suggestion on stage. I hope they come back and play this town because I'd like to see them in dark place at night. Daytime doesn't do the music justice. The Doves on Satuday was packed. I've never seen Waterloo so full of people.

+ suicidegirls interview
+ "Good Ones" video
+ more pics: 1 , 2 , 3.
+ chepo's sxsw day 1

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

the one about SXSW 2005

STARS"This song is about fucking and catastrophe.." those were the words of the lead singer of I Am Kloot as they started the first performance I saw today. And what a day it was. I ran into Little Miss Rock'n'Roll and Queen of the Front Row from See You At The Pit at The Wrens whom I had never seen before. Energetic and Exciting set are the words. Then I ran into Frank "Chromewaves" before the Stars set, the band my friend Melliebee was there to see. I got lucky, right before I had to leave they did "Elevator Love Letter" which was what I really wanted to hear from them.

FREE ITUNES GorillazOff I went to the Gorillaz listening party at which I rant into Ben "Austinist". Damon Albarn himself was in attendance. He introduced the video for "Dirty Harry" (or was it "Feel Good Inc?") which was pretty damn great, there's even a part with Noodle up in the clouds that reminded me of "Steam Boy". What I got to hear of it ( after a glitch on the first attempt at playing the album, and much waiting ) sounded pretty good. Sounds like this year's disc to have playing in the background when you throw a party.

Sxsw05ry2_1Piano Girls own my heart. Last year it was all about Nellie McKay, this year it's Rachael Yamagata, who was at last year's festival but I did not get to see perform. I spoke to Rachael and asked if "Woman" would get recorded and she said it will definitely be on the second album. And when it was all said and done she only did one song on the Piano, the rest on guitar. It was fantastic nonetheless, she did two new ones and "Worm Me Down" won over "Reason Why" when she asked which song to play on the piano.

+ R. Y. @SXSW 2005: Video of "What If I Leave" , Video of "Worn Me Down".
+ Miss Yamagata @KCRW - March 10th, 2005 and a Torrent of it.
+ the reason why fan page

Today's Triumphs: Free Parking. Two Open Bars in a row (one with free food). Free Magazines.  Total spent all day: $2.50 on a beer at Emos.

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