Patty Hewes vs Ellen Parsons, fucking finally


I only know one other person who watches DAMAGES, but in case there are others who don't know the last season has started ( who would know! it's on something called "DirecTV’s Audience Network" ) consider this your warning that it has started and the first episode was EXCELLENT.  

+ Character Studies: Patty Hewes, Damages 
‘Damages’ Premiere: The Creators on That Twist, Julian Assange & The Final Season

[personal] best week ever, first half of 2010 edition

Starting today, the next seven days are filled with the type of things I enjoy. 2010 so far has been a clusterfuck so I'm hoping to really have a good time with all this non-sense. I need it.

Tuesday the 18th


// RED DEAD REDEMPTION: Launch Trailer
ALAN WAKE: Building The Drama 
"With its gorgeous mountain scenery, quirky characters and unsettling vibe, Alan Wake feels more than a little like an episode of Twin Peaks, which is not an accident. "
Survival Online

Lost - 6x16 - What They Died For - Sneak Peek 1
Next to last episode. eeep! 

Wednesday the 19th


Avengers #1: The beginning of the "Heroic Age" or as I'd like to call it, getting out of the 7 year shit storm of dumb ideas Marvel has been in. Finally just heroes fighting villains. Something the kids can enjoy! instead of Superhero Registration Acts and Civil Wars and all that Bullshit.

Thursday the 20th
Season finale Thursday for all the NBC sitcoms that matter. I'm just watching for Aubrey.

Friday the 21st
MacGruber anyone? 

Saturday the 22nd
I get a new TV. 

Sunday the 23rd

//SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! : New Features


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00a2287h  003d2a70  Lost613_067  Lost613_070
 via LostIcons 

"Lost" Cast Interview Themselves 

Monday the 24th
It's the end of "24". That means Jack Bauer is going to kill a bunch of motherfuckers.  

+ Jack Bauer FactsGod had to give Jack Bauer immunity on the sixth commandment "Thou shalt not kill". If he hadn't, Jack would've considered God to be a terrorist and God knows what happens to terrorists.

Tuesday the 25th

ModNationRacers  Blur

//ModNation Racers: Trailer
//BLUR: Preview