The less I write, the more you know

+ " Nellie McKay wants to be Cole Porter and Avril Lavigne – all at once. " Austin Chronicle Review

+ EISLEY WINS BIG IN DALLAS - 2004 Dallas Observer Music Awards

+ Metroid Prime 2 = Multiplayer [ Scans ]

+ If you already drink V8 why not try some A9?

+ Fact: If you own episodes of Jem and The Holograms, chicks will throw themselves at you.

+ Movies that remind me about Spring 1994: The Crow and Reality Bites ( Anniversary Edition coming soon )

+ Mary-Kate and Ashley's HIP PICKS

+ Quentin Tarantino's bloody revenge tale "Kill Bill-Vol. 1," starring Uma Thurman, sold more than 2 million DVDs during its first day in release, according to studio executives. [ Source ]

Deleted Post

A dumb thing happened. For a week now I've noticed on my stats that some people were coming here to a specific old entry from searches in all sorts of search engines. Creeps and Perverts were coming to this entry because I had a picture from the movie "The Virgin Suicides" named virgin.jpg. Since it didn't stop I've deleted the post and I'm trying to get rid of the picture but for some reason I can't overwrite it. I'll get some typepad support on that.

Offending Entry:


I love the 80's

I'm a packrat. I found this sticker book that came inside a cereal box when I was kid ( probably fruity pebbles or something ). Marvel at my awesome Knight Rider stickers.


Is Grant Morrison nuts?

" Time does seem to be accelerating, information storage capacity isIS doubling exponentially. Everyone's getting into mag!c and Gnostic philosophy thanks to "The Matrix," "Harry Potter" and "Lord Of The Rings." The streets are awash with false prophets and dodgy techno-gurus... it sure looks like the Eschaton to me. "

August And Everything After

I got a mix cd in the mail from Dani:


I'm glad I waited and never got the Yoshimi CD, becuse this new version of it seems to be quite awesome. I would love for more cd's to come out as 5.1 Audio. My birthday is this month, I still don't have plans. At the very least I'm going to take the day after ( a Friday ) off.

" In August and Everything After, I'm after everything. "

Tuesdays are for consumerism

Danddy Warhol's new cd came out today. I totally dig the homage to the Velvet Underground's first album. Casablanca came out today. I now have three copies of it on DVD. Don't ask. I totally remember the first time I watched it after hearing so much about it. I think it was on PBS. I also got Bright Lights, Big City Which I think I watched the same weekend as Casablanca, ten years ago. MGM is really retarted about DVD covers, instead of using the original poster , they made their standard collage of faces.

This is a new low

This is a new low I want to collapse. Stress. Work. Longing. Heartache. Ouch. Testing posting via w.bloggar. I came to work with my shirt inside out. I'm going to burn out soon.

" stay with me under these waves, tonight.
be free for once in your life tonight. "