a homage to Technostraddle and Taylor's Prowess

Being an homage to Technostraddle


Buy a game, support an anti-gay marriage author?
"Ash struggles with an artist's homophobia while considering the purchase of Shadow Complex."

Old Man struggles against Steve Jobs distortion field.
Steve Jobs is Pissed You Question Him!

My main use of the Ipad is going to be reading comic books.
Comic Industry Instant Responses To Apple’s iPad ("I want Steve Jobs to be my iDad")

Obama cares about the Ipad
Video: Funny Mashup of State of Union and iPad Intro

Let Mass Effect take more of your time
First issue of Mass Effect iPhone comic free on launch day

BioShock's release is around the corner
BioShock 2 Characters And Abilities Preview

Hot Chick + Ipod Nano
“Mac Chick of the Month”

Grand Theft Italy Awaits You
Assassin's Creed 2 for $39.99. Fucking Buy It.

A Macbook Named Alfred


A new laptop. The promise that I'll get some stuff done that I didn't with my last one. Or have more ichats of amusing results (I'm looking at you, East Coast girls). Or the beginning of a new age.

The first few apps I install

+ Twitterrific
+ Spore
+ Unison
+ Transmission
+ Pixelmator
+ Bento 2
+ Candybar

and a Batman sticker on the lid. Waiting anxiously for the Adobe CS4 stuff....

+ Velvet Underground - New Age [69 live version]
+ Tori Amos "New Age"/live @ San Antonio

Amazon dot com, a place for storytelling


It turns out that Amazon.com Reivews is as good a place as any to be creative and funny. My pal Chris passed this link on.

My favorite so far:

Spider-Man Ready Bed Hey Steffanie, Thanks For Kicking Me Out, July 22, 2004 So basically my dumb girlfriend found out that at one point before we were really serious, I had taken some photos of her while she was asleep, which most women would think was seriously charming and awesome, by the way Steffanie. But anyways, I had literally no bed to sleep in so I snuck back into the house and stole her kid from a previous relationship's Spider-Man Ready Bed. It was sweet as hell. Good sleeping the whole night through. My entire body was kept so warm and comfortable that I kept it and that's what I sleep on in my new place. That's right Steffanie in my NEW PLACE.

DVD Pet Peeve

First it was Focus Features with the DVD for "Swimming Pool", in which you have to fast foward through 14 minutes of Trailers to get the Main Menu. BAD, BAD! Now it's Paramount with the DVD for "School Of Rock": instead of letting you just go to the main menu, there's a Menu before the Main Menu giving you the option to go the Main Menu Or watch Previews. WTF! Just gimmie the damn Main Menu already, if I want to watch the crummy ass trailer for Ben Affleck's latest junky movie, I'll be sure to find it myself somewhere After the Main Menu.


I am extremely pissed off. I've had my e-mail adress since 2000 and I'm about to have to change it because someone, I don't know WHO, had me in their Adressbook and got a virus. Since last Friday I've been getting tons of Mailer-Deamon's a day from failed attempts at using my e-mail server to send infected mail. For God's sake, VIRUS CHECK your damn computer you cretins! and remove me from your god damn adress book you fiends. Thank You

* UPDATE* Here's a sampling of the e-mail adresses that have been attempted by this virus, msybe someone will recognize these:

+ if you are gulilty, don't be scared. tell me. these things happen. F U to the virus creator! he/she is going Straight to hell!

Apple & industrial design

Father of invention

Friends say the roots of his success lie in his lateral thinking - finding the true appeal of an object, often ignoring the traditional approach to design. Inspiration comes from almost anywhere. The original candy-coloured iMac had its roots in gumdrops. The popular transparent Apple mouse came from thinking about how drops of water sit on a flat surface. An angle-poise desk lamp helped inspire the new iMac. The see-through outer casing of recent iBooks came from the look that food has when wrapped in clingfilm. The iPod is like a cigarette pack for those addicted to music instead of tobacco.

new ipod software

Google Get: GoogleGet is a small Windows program designed to download the latest news from news.google.com (or a local variation) to your iPod in the quickest and simplest way possible.

Windows - Weather for Me: Weather for Me is a program created by Staylazy.net Software to grab a seven day forecast from weather.com and place it in your notes directory on your iPod.

Newsweek reports that Apple expects to release iTunes for Windows next month: "Apple has quietly informed some music insiders that it’s moved up the date for expanding its current Mac-only iTunes for the vast universe of Windows-based PCs to mid-October," as it discusses the recent lawsuits by the record companies against individuals and the future of music: "Technology is creating new markets for music as well. The music giants are banking on an exploding U.S. market for dialing up music on cell phones—in effect, you would use your phone as a portable player. It’s already a multibillion-dollar business in Europe and Japan."